AT-OMNI-121 – Single-Channel Networked AV Decoder form Atlona

The Atlona OmniStream™ 121 (AT-OMNI-121) is a single-channel networked AV decoder for HDMI / HDCP 2.2 output supporting resolutions up to 4K @ 60 Hz and HDR (High Dynamic Range), plus audio embedding and de-embedding, and RS-232 or IR control pass-through. It is part of the OmniStream Pro Series, designed for high performance, flexible distribution of AV over standard, off-the-shelf Gigabit Ethernet switches in commercial audiovisual applications. It features advanced high-quality, VC-2 visually lossless video decoding technology with user-selectable, video quality optimization engines designed for computer-generated imaging, or motion video content. The Atlona OmniStream 121 achieves extremely low, sub-frame latency when paired with OmniStream AV encoders. This single-channel decoder is housed in a half-width rack enclosure with front-to-back air flow, and is ideal for high-density, compact installation in distributed, multi-display installations.

– Best-in-class AV over IP performance and reliability over Gigabit Ethernet
– AV decoder output for HDMI up to 4K/UHD, plus de-embedded audio and RS-232 or IR control pass-through
– Networked AV redundancy
– Supports UHD @ 60 Hz plus HDR formats
– High performance, visually lossless video decoding
– Supports virtual reality applications
– HDCP compliance
– Network error resilience with FEC (forward error correction)
– Simplify integration with plug-and-play network switch compatibility
– Local or PoE (Power over Ethernet) powering
– Secure content distribution with AES-128 decryption
– Supports industry-standard, network security features and protocols
– AES67-compatible
– Audio embedding and de-embedding
– Built-in high-quality scaler
– Video wall processing
– Enhance AV presentations with visual enhancements
– Ultra-fast switching
– EDID management
– Audio processing and pass-through
– Display control
– System management
– Compact enclosure


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