KAIROS – Next Generation IT/IP Centric Live Video Processing Switcher from Panasonic

Introducing KAIROS, the ultimate IT/IP platform that gives you unlimited control to unleash your creative vision and craft amazingly immersive experiences. KAIROS is more than a typical switcher as it achieves high performance by fully utilizing the power and flexibility of its CPU and GPU and frees you from the constraints of a traditional hardware-based system. KAIROS offers unrestricted flexibility of input, output and operation for efficient production of live video that captivates audiences.

– Resolution and format independent
– Utilizes latest technology in software and CPU/GPU processing
– Allows users to allocate processing power with 100% efficiency
– Uncompressed processing, true uncompressed 4K inputs and full support of baseband and IP signals (such as ST2110 and NDI) at the same time
– Platform offers super-low one-frame latency processing


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